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Sorry, we're no longer accepting entries for the 2018 award. See our past winners here

2018 Entry Form

Please select the sentence below that applies to you:

Please choose the sentence below that applies to your story: Please note: if the story was first published before 1 January 2017 it is ineligible for the 2018 Award

If the story has been previously published (after 1 January 2017) or is scheduled for forthcoming publication, please fill in the following details:

Please list the author’s most recent eligible publications in the UK or Ireland below with the most recent at the top. At least one entry is required although there are potential listings for up to four examples of previously published or broadcast works below. Please fill in where applicable.

To be eligible, the author MUST have a record of prior publication in creative writing in the United Kingdom or Ireland. This means the author MUST have previously have had works of prose fiction, drama, or poetry published by an established publisher or an established printed magazine in the UK or Ireland, or broadcast by a national radio station in the UK or Ireland (see clause 3.6 in the Terms and Conditions for further details).

For the avoidance of doubt NONE of the following will constitute a record of prior publication:

  • self-published material of any kind
  • work published using a print-on-demand service
  • work published via a commercial arrangement through which the publisher is paid by the author
  • online publication
  • a piece of creative writing pending publication
  • work published in a newspaper
  • work of broadcast television or film
  • feature writing
  • musical lyrics

Remove Publication

Remove Publication

Remove Publication
Add Another Publication
Upload Your Story

Type and format the short story as per the following instructions:

  • One entry per author
  • Written in English
  • A maximum of 6,000 words
  • Typed
  • Font: Arial, 12pt, black
  • Double spaced
  • No page numbers
  • Include a front page which details the title of story and the word count ONLY. The author’s name should not be included in the document.
  • No illustrations

Save as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) with the author name and short story title in the file name as per the following example: William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet (N.B. if the Short Story has already been published you can send the typeset PDF file instead, but Word documents are preferable).

Please note:

Due to the volume of entries for the Award, entries submitted above will receive an automated response.

The Sunday Times will use the personal information you provide in this entry form solely for the purpose of administering the Award and will not publish or provide any of this information without permission to anyone not involved with the administration of this competition.

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